Ignite your passions and have your dreams take flight with your authentic expression in business, image and life.

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I’m Laura.

I am a transformational and spiritual leader who uses alchemical tools to help women discover their true soul’s calling, clear their energy, nurture their soul, and reninvent their persona.


Do you want to live a life with meaning and purpose?  Do you want to make a difference but lack the tools?

If you are ready to make some changes, I can help you transform your mindset to make your dreams a reality. Your life can be an expression of who you are on the inside so you can live a life with more meaning, purpose and true happiness.

The first step towards making your dream a reality is to set a powerful intention. Experience our FREE E-course and Download “THE 7 PRINCIPLES OF CLARITY: HOW TO ACCESS YOUR INNER GREATNESS TO MANIFEST YOUR DEEPEST DESIRES” to gain inspiration and momentum.
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Who is the modern woman? Is she the wife and mother? Is she the driven career woman? Is she the charismatic entrepreneur with her own successful company? Is she all of these things? Or is she none of these things?

In The Duality of the Modern Woman, Author, Laura Schakosky and Jennifer Ludington , dares you to redefine what it means to be a woman in modern-day society.

There is no one-size-fits-all definition, as you’ll discover when you read powerful stories from over 30 diverse, successful women entrepreneurs who’ve defied cultural norms to embrace what’s authentic for them and create fulfilling lives they love.

Through simple yet challenging “Duality Dares” that take you deep into your own head, heart, and soul, Ludington takes you on a journey to reconnect to your authentic self, ignite your divine feminine, and live with the joy, fulfillment, and ease you were always meant for.

With dozens of journal pages included right inside the book, The Duality of the Modern Woman is so much more than a book. It’s an interactive, personalized experience that will help you:

Shed the old stories suffocating your greatness

Replace hustling and grinding with pleasure, fun, and flow

Invite unlimited abundance – in all its forms – into your life

Connect with and follow your natural intuition for a more satisfying and enjoyable life

Give yourself permanent permission to BE who you forgot you are

And SO much more!

This interactive book + journal is your guide to discovering, embracing, and celebrating all parts of yourself as a modern, in-demand woman while removing the yokes of shame, judgment, and unrealistic expectations that have plagued women for most of human history.


  • More than a decade ago, I was living in a city I didn't love and feeling disappointed after a breakup when Laura suggested kicking off a new journey by doing a guided meditation using essential oils. Always a fan of shamanic traditions and spiritual practice, I accepted. She created a blend of oils specifically for the heart chakra, led me in a guided meditation, and gave me a meditation to do with the oils for the next month or so. My goal was to live in a place I loved, find a job that I enjoyed and meet my life partner, so I did what she recommended.
    What happened next was a series of changes, disappointments and miracles that I never could have imagined. I ended another few relationships, quit my job and moved to Colorado. Once there, I became a freelance journalist and wound up going on the adventure of a lifetime to write and sell my first book, Triumph of the Heart: Forgiveness in an Unforgiving World (which won multiple awards and became an Amazon bestseller). While traveling for my book research, I came face to face with an obstacle that had gotten in the way of my happiness: resentment. As I did scientific research on the health impacts of resentment and forgiveness, and reported amazing tales of forgiveness throughout the U.S. and the world, I collected forgiveness practices and used them to become less of a grudge-holder and more of who I wanted to be. As a result, I was much more aligned with my own heart, and much less judgmental and angry. In the midst of my work on the book, I met my husband, and we've been together for eight years. We have two healthy, happy children for whom I'm grateful every day. I've also been able to create my own content consulting company—working from home, which I always wanted to do.
    You never know what will happen once you begin a journey to change your life. For me, being willing to heal myself and let go of anything that was holding me back emotionally was key to making room for everything that I ever wanted. I'm more present, joyful and alive, I'm living the life I want to live, and I've been able to impact a lot of people's lives in a positive way as a result. I would encourage anyone to give Laura's process a try, with an open mind and heart. It's a mysterious, magical process, and as anything that's mysterious and magical, it initiates forces that are difficult to categorize, quantify or explain. And maybe because of that, it's one of the greatest adventures you can take. Do it!
    Megan Feldman-Bettencourt
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