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Download my 40-Day – Manifestation Meditation to attract anything you want in your life.  It’s normally 250.00 for a private session, but today you can get it for only 49.99!

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It takes 40 days to break a habit or pattern, so you can attract what you want. This incredible process will guide you on a journey to set up your goal for 40 days and to live it out powerfully. Experience the snowball effect and the synchronisitics that come.

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  • I have done many different 40 day Manifestion Meditation journeys with the custom blends and one in particular stands out the most. I wanted to have a breakthrough in my marriage. We had been having some power struggles. Once I got past the surface, I saw that what I was dealing with wasn’t even really a power struggle with other people, what I saw is was that I was bringing the past into the present. When I did the 40 day Manfestation Meditation with the blend, it gave me the ability to take my power back. It was life altering. Doing this work, gave me the ability to have a huge breakthrough in my marriage and to get present with my husband by being fully authentic. I would highly recommend getting the blends and going on the journeys because of the power of what you get out of it. Like me sometimes you think that the breakthrough you are going to have is about one particular thing, when it is really about something else. Most of the time, it is really about getting complete with something in the past. My advice, is that you have to be open to what unfolds in the journey and be willing to do the work. On the surface it seems like it is a magic potion, but it is just an amplifier for what is already going on that you may not be able to see until you really look at things. You have to be willing to do the work and sometimes its shadow work, and learning how to embrace an aspect of myself that I didn’t want to see. It is not for the faint of heart, but it is truly enlightening, rewarding and transformational for those who are willing to go there.

    Jennifer Jones-Landry Writer/Artist
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