I went from being a renowned Makeup Artist to helping thousands of people Live On Purpose… Here’s my journey.

A few years ago, if someone would have asked me what my driving purpose in life was, I would have quickly answered “Makeup.”
After all, it literally is the career I have prepared for… all my life long.
When I talk about my cosmetic skills, I joke around, saying I was “born with a brush, since I started at such a young age.”
And this is exactly what it felt like to me: from pursuing an education at the University of North Texas in Psychology, with a minor in Fashion to my internship with Dallas Makeup Artist Catherine Hatcher, everything in my life spoke about makeup and how I would be successful at it.
The skills I have developed over the years took me from a girl with a strong passion for cosmetics to a worldwide known freelance celebrity makeup artist.

In my curriculum, you will see that I have collected powerful experiences over the years: from working internationally in Japan, LA, and Dallas…
To doing makeup for TV, film, video, commercials and fasion print…
And even doing makeup for the Olympics, the President of the United States, becoming famous for doing makeup on iconic “Mimi” on the Drew Carey Show and well-known celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Nicole Kidman.
Basically, everything in my life pointed in this direction, and I was finally there.
I could basically say, “I’ve made it,” but…

Just when I was there, at the height of my career, enveloped by successes and achieved goals… I felt like I wasn’t completely happy.

They say it’s normal to reach a plateau, once you’ve made it to your objectives.
They even say that, at first, you don’t even recognize you have gotten where you have wanted to be all your life long.
And yet… It didn’t feel like that.
I was surrounded by supporting people, loving fans, and awesome clients that complimented my work from every angle.
I was being called by the biggest Hollywood industries to work for them, and I was being paid awesomely for it, too.

But, in reality, I felt a big void eating me up from the inside… And I didn’t know how to fill it.

It’s like everything I had achieved up to that point wasn’t really meaningful to me.
I felt completely drained of my energies, working 18 hours a day… And nothing (no massages, no motivational books or shopping for designer clothes) seemed to be working for me.
Deep down, a little voice in my mind kept saying, “Is this it? Is this all that there is?”
I recognized my success, and I was grateful for it…
But I couldn’t shrug away that feeling of emptiness literally crawling from inside, threatening to come out and ruin everything I had built… And that unforgivable depression my missing paternal figure was causing.
You could basically say that, even if I had gotten where I had always dreamed of being, I wasn’t truly happy.
And what’s even worse is that I just couldn’t understand the reason why I was feeling like that.
I even got to the point of questioning everything. After all, many people would have literally paid to be where I was…
I felt like I was missing an important piece of the puzzle, the final one that would finally make the picture complete… And that would allow me to feel complete, too.

So this is where my transformative process began.

I felt like I couldn’t let this spiral of dissatisfaction drag me down to the depths of unhappiness.
I knew something in my life had to change: I, myself, had to change. I had to project myself in the right direction to find out the right tools and finally make a difference.
I had to literally shift my course, my career, my entire life… and bring it on the path that would make me truly happy.
I would be lying if I told you the process was easy.
Looking for answers, I engaged on a spiritual journey and explored every corner of myself on such a deep level that it was almost scary.
“Why scary?” you would ask.
Well, you see, after 26 years of living my life, thinking I knew myself so well… This journey brought up the truth: I really didn’t. I had left many areas of my soul unexplored…
Areas that called for recognition, and that I had ignored all my life long, without even thinking they could exist.
But, this time, I finally opened my eyes and saw: who I truly was. Who I wanted to become.
And, most importantly, the solution to finally feeling whole and complete, 100% in charge of myself and without questioning what I had done anymore.

What I found during my journey completely changed my life and allowed me to get where I am now: a Happy Place.

That’s right: as of right now, I’m a happily married woman who has found the love of her life, and a proud mother of three amazing furry creatures.
But I am so much more than that: more than a wife…
More than a makeup artist…

I am a Spiritual Guide, a Healer of the Heart… And I have been helping people like you finally get a grasp on their dreams and reconnect with themselves for over 30 years now.

My knowledge of Subtle Aromatheraspy, NLP, Kundalini Yoga, Chakra Balancing, Face Reading, Shamanism… and every set of skills I have developed… allows me to help people who dream big back up their visions of happy living with meaningful actions. All of this through an articulated fully integrated transformative journey that I made sure to test on myself first, and that is inspiring hundreds of people right now to see tangible changes in their lives.
After many years of research, I have found what I can do for the world: inspire and help achieve. It is my purpose now to serve others, help them ignite their passions, and witness healing experiences that fuel their soul.
As of right now, my mission is to keep ancient and tribal wisdom alive: I use the power of Hollywood storytelling to inspire breakthroughs that act as a catalyst for a better way of living.

So this brings me to You…

If you have been looking for a way to shift your direction and get where you have always wanted to be, I “happen” to know the right place where you can start: Right here.
My expertise in the field has already changed the lives of hundreds of people, and I’m ready to finally set your life in motion, too.
The transformative process I promise you won’t only change your mindset, allowing you to visualize and then achieve your dreams… But it will also transform every part of you, from makeup and hair to the depths of your soul…
So that you can find a greater purpose and give your life (and your business) meaning and substance.

Are you ready to start?

Let’s work together to create a peaceful inner world for you, and I’ll show you how to bring it out to express a truly authentic life.

So go ahead and sign up for one of my Soul Therapy Coaching Sessions to move out of transition and onto your path to greatness: it will give you the tools to shapeshift into a new life!

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