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Captivating Clients and Grasping Success: Your Very Own Magnetic Attraction

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  • Before doing this meditation, I wasn’t sure who my ideal clients were because I can help everyone. I also knew that knowing my niche and talking to that one person, would make me more successful. After listening to the meditation, I realized who my ideal clients were and right after gaining clarity, new clients showed up within a couple of days. I received phone calls, text messages and emails from three different people wanting me to be on their podcasts. I got six people who wanted to work with me. I was invited to attend a networking event where my ideal client was and that helped me expand my network. I recommend this meditation if you are seeking clarity to find out who your ideal client is. Writing down what you see in the meditation afterwards instead of just going about your day and referring back to was written down later, is when I was able to really see that what had shown up in my life had a direct connection to the meditation. That's when I realized that this meditation really works!

    Mary Beth Ramsey
    Mary Beth Ramsey Hollywood Stylist, Owner of Transformational Styles
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