This incredible program is a sequal to Heartfelt Journeys where you become the powerful role you invented yourself to be, with the know how to manage your energy and the flow of it. Now you are ready for me to guide you to take all of the action steps to go where you want to be.

We will start by setting the stage, with a Hollywood success story, that will become a script you follow and the structure of your roadmap for one year. This is when you decide whether your dream is something that you are truly committed to because to make it through, you’ll have to take it on like do or die for one year to make it all happen in one year. It’s not enough to just hear about the ins and outs, you’ll take on an active role in each activity if you really want to be successful. the power in all of this is sequencing. If you know the steps to take and have someone guiding you who has been where you are, then you will get to where you want to be faster.

Every month, I will take an area of the media as a source of inspiration  and highlight that area as a focal point, to teach you about building a business and branding and how it sychnonizes with naturally occurring cycles, which is one of the most powerful tools to gain insights into seeing how everything is connected and it will tune you into how to become a trendsetter. This is why this program is time released so that you start when the cycle begins and you hit the ground running completing all of the exercises you need to complete by the end of 4 weeks.

(In the Heartfelt Journeys course, you are the brand and in this journey your products and services define the brand).

This is a holistic journey. Who you are in one part of your life is who you are being in all areas of life. As you experience personal growth, you also experience business growth and spiritual evolution at the same time.

Each month you’ll be journaling about the transformational experiences that you have which gives you the keys to success. By living out your dream in parts, you experience growth which will give you stories to tell,  which ultimately leads you to becoming an expert. By the end of the journey, you’ll  have all of the information you need to write a business book or to create your own online course.

The journey never ends, you just evolve and become more and more of an expression of yourself, taking what you have learned to the next level. It’s not the destination it’s the journey and what you learn along the way.

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