A transformational journey of beauty

In one moment on a seemingly random day, you stop and think, I really want to do something to make a huge impact in the world. I want to leave behind the knowledge that I have that I have accumulated, something long standing that will inpsire other people, otherwise everything that I have learned is going to go to the grave with me.

If you are ready to to reinvent yourself and your life, it all starts with having a deeper understanding behind why you are really chosing the role that you want to play. If you get the psychology behind your choices, then you access the power behind your purpose more profoundly.

You may not know at first who you want to become and that is why in this journey you get to try on 12 different personas until you discover what fits and then bring it to life with a story that attracts the things you want in your life.

Why do we really wear makeup in the first place and choose to look the way that we do each day? What was the original purpose of makeup and how can we use those ideas today to shape how we feel, to use it as a source of empowerment to attract the things we want in our lives?

Journey with me through a profound and enlightening experience of beauty from the inside out. Each month for one year, we will delve into the mindset of a tribal and ancient cultural perspective on beauty, life and the spiritual ideas that shaped the way they thought and looked. I won’t just talk to you about it, I’ll guide you through a personal experience that takes you there and makes those ideas real and alive for you and then tie how those ideas are related to what you are experiencing in your life right now and what you see in the media today.

Each month we will go on the transformational journeys together to reveal a whole different perspective of beauty, (which you will also see in the media), when we do this 12 times, something incredible breaks open. Along the way you will strip away all of the things that are no longer who you truly are, to reveal who you are becoming with all of the gifts that becomes expressed in the world.

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