I have two signature programs.

If you had one year to take on your career and your life, would you go for it?

There’s no better time than the present to take the career of your dreams and bring it to life in real life. All you need is the right guidance, sequencing and systems in place¬† to make it all happen.

There’s alot of programs out there that will teach you a step by step of how to build a successful business, but they aren’t a co-created experience and they are not necessarily in sync with the naturally occuring cycles that can be utilized for the power of attraction and manifestion. In this method, I will utilize these cycles to determine the themes of your career that you need to focus on as you live into your Hollywood success story and bring it to life. When you start, you’ll create a dream and by the end you’ll have all of the tools needed to create a thriving business with a success formula that you’ll be an expert in.

So whether you want to build a business, write a book, create an online program, become a speaker or be a service provider who is interested in going through the growth spirits needed for expansion ad automation than this is the perfect program for you.

This program not only transforms your career but your life as well. We go deep into your mindset to stay clear, go through a transforation.


This is a buisnessjourney where you build a dream off of a success story that you create and live into as you go along. In the first part of your journey youll set th stage for building a buisness that transforms who you are now to who you want to be, Module two we will scale your buiness on step onto a different stage where youll get creative andle move into a whole new realm definig your products and services . The deeper we go in this journey, youll see that that thex periences you wil have are transformational. To take thihngs to the next level you must be willing to get the past complete and to go inside of yourself to explore who you really are and bring those gifts out. This is where he journey takes on twists and turns ands shifts into an inner journey where the places you will go start to refelct your life expeirnces.In the next level, youll make a journey to the heart where you will see the beauty of the journey you have gone out and the gifts thatit brings. We will come full circle by coming home getting grounded with the journey you have gone on and then I will show you different ways to get your ideas and put them into a book, a program etc. This is a buisenss josurney mied with a metaphsycial experience. Your befor and after will be that you start out as one thing and experience the flip side of the coin. For me I started out as a makeup artist in Holllywood and became a healer, a guide for others inbusiness and in life. Its a journey an exploration of the self mkxed with buisness growth and trnaformation. What makes your journey unique form other pwples is th story you create in the beginning, the dream and itentio that you live into. It’s all about intetnio that is brought to life and whe you put your whole life intot he ourney, then you see what you are made of and what you are cpable of.



Wildfire: An Entrepreneurs Success Journey

Do you have a dream, one that you are so passionate about that you know now is the time to make it all happen? If you had one year, and you were ready to hit the ground running to finally make it all happen what would you need?

I have a solution.

After being in business for 30 years in the media, I have learned how to use the art of transformation in business, image and in life. Through those years of being in Hollywood and my hometown of Dallas I’ve accumulated alot of knowledge about how to build a business and all of the continuous cycles that we go through each year. Thre’s power in that because what you create and when you create it is not random, everything is connected I’m going to guide you through a methodology that is interative so that you can learn and build your business as you grow.

In the first module you’ll create a Hollywood success story and define your dream. all of that I have learned through a process that helps you build a business, scale to the next level, transform your life and combine what you learned into a success formula that you can put into a book, a online program or even create a movie script around it.




Heartfelt Journeys – Personal Growth Journeys

Heartfelt Journeys – Journey with me through a series of experiences.

Take on your life


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