Have you ever felt that something is blocking you from moving forward, making you feel stuck in place with no idea on how to take the next step?

Are you having trouble actually materializing your dreams?

Are negative thoughts, feelings and repetitive patterns a barrier you just can’t get through?



My Soul Therapy Personal Coaching Sessions will help you: gain valuable insights into what’s inside to experience wholeness and to express yourself in new exciting ways.
 With my knowledge and expertise guiding you through the entire process, you’ll be able to get in touch with your inner self in ways you could have never imagined.

Thanks to my breakthrough sessions, you’ll feel relieved, inspired, powerful and experience wholeness on a whole new level.

Join me on this journey to become freed up from the past and completely present to the beauty of your life as it is today.



To finally have the breakthoughs you have been wanting and to transform… You’ll need the right tools to achieve clarity and move forward.

When your heart needs mending, it can leave you feeling like something is missing, feeling fragmented and disconnected. 
Yet, buried deep inside you, there’s a deep yearning to want to reconnect, release the past, access your gifts and finally fulfill your purpose. Being aware that there are options for resolution, starts your journey to wholeness.

Join me on this journey to understand what’s been standing in your way, so that you can get freed up and have more clarity.

Working with me, you’ll shift your perspective and embrace new possibilities:

You’ll be guided  to go on a journey to open your heart, to see what’s needed to shapeshift your life and gain access to the clarity and awareness, you haven’t been able to find anywhere else.  No matter what you  are facing, if your goal is to break through any barriers  and to have new possiblities and opportunities show up – my sessions are perfect for you.

With me guiding you through your experiences and empowering you along the way, you’ll be able to gain full clarity and experience momentum to finally connect with a newfound sense of purpose, transform your image into an authentic expression and share new gifts and talents with others that come as a result of bringing out the potential you see within your heart.



All coaching sessions include a custom chakra blend and a chakra tea.

Create Your Own Hollywood Success Story

Are you hearing the calling that it is time for you to fulfill a bigger purpose and to go on a spiritual journey with a coach? If you are ready for a foundation shift, this session will nurture and ignite your spirit, while setting the stage for a bigger purpose on a new path. You’ll create a story that’ll be set into motion to naturally unfold in sync with the cycles of Astrology to help you manifest easily for one year. This two hour session, comes with a custom made essential oil and tea made specifically for your journey.
  • “I did Create Your Own Hollywood Success Story, because I wanted to have a structure in my life to support my spiritual transformation. What I got out of it, was a tangible plan and I experienced a total shift of energy. The benefits I got was insight and clarity on my goals and how to reach them. I felt a spiritual connectedness and relief to know that each month I had a monthly structure filled with ancient knowledge and insights into how to bring it all into todays world within everyday practices.”

    Carmen Elizabeth Rivero Electrical Engineering Student/Non-Profit Intern

Live Out Your Own Hollywood Success Story

(12 Month Coaching Sessions)

After your initial Hollywood Success Story Session, you’ll experience a foundation shift on every level within a year of sessions are set up once a month to highlight a monthly scenario based on your Hollywood success story. Each month,  you’ll use essential oils and teas based on Astrology and the Chakras that are made for your journey to heighten your senses and amplify your energy. As you get coaching along the way, I will use energy clearing techniques that will keep you on track, help to remove blocks and support you in being aligned to your bigger purpose. This is a life enriching, in depth spiritual journey that is filled with magical moments and synchronistic events that leads to a dream that’s fulfilled in unexpected ways.
  • “I signed up for Live Out Your Own Hollywood Success Story because I wanted to embrace who I am and all of the parts of myself. To me, the journey each month gave me access to self love and breaking through barriers each month for success, freedom and to be fully self expressed. It's was a journey to be my authenic self, whatever it takes.

    Carmen Elizabeth Rivero Electrical Engineering Student/Non-Profit Intern

60 Minute Chakra Balancing Session

Step by step, you’ll get in touch with every chakra level to explore what areas you are clear in and what areas are blocked in while gaining valuable insights into each level and achieve a clear perspective of what’s going on. Illuminate any blindspot and gain clarity so that you are inspired to take action. Every session will give you a 40-day meditation practice to follow to keep the momentum alive and to create a snowball effect which heightens your creativity and moves you to express your potential.
  • There was a time in my life when I always felt stuck. I was blocked and I didn’t know it. I knew things in my life weren’t working. My relationships weren’t working the way I wanted them to. My career kept getting stopped and I felt like it was stuck in the mud. I felt stopped in all areas of my life. Once I did Chakra Balancing Sessions, I got unblocked. It was like my heart opened up and I was able to express myself creativity in big ways. Before I wanted to paint in college, but when I did I'd end up throwing away all of my paintings. After getting my chakras balanced, I realized that the real block was that I wasn’t letting myself express myself creatively in that way. Now that the block is gone, I feel like I can do anything. I feel clear, my creativity is opened up. I have become more prolific than I ever imagined I would be. I am a writer for a living. I write all morning and I figure out what I want to work on in the afternoon and I finish out my day painting until dinner. I spend time painting, sewing and writing all day. If you told me 15 years ago that I would be a writer and and artist and get paid for it, I would have told you you were crazy. I went from really struggling in my career and feeling creatively blocked to becoming a professional writer who paints and makes quilts. I'm in a totally different space and I am about to do healing work with horses.  It's a session that will help you to become unblocked, become more fully self expressed and fulfill on the life you really want to have.  

    Jennifer Jones-Landry
    Jennifer Jones-Landry Writer/Artist

60 minute Face Reading

Allow me to look deep into your eyes to connect with your spirit, and take a peek into the “window to your soul”: as you have your face read to gain a better understanding of what’s really going on in your heart. This transformational reading will give you access to see the beauty of your experiences and what life is teaching you, to illuminate any blindspots. Be ready to get inspired,  and clear around the underlying reasons why you are going through what you are going through  in your life.
  • Every time I’ve hired Laura to do a Face Reading on me, I was stressed out, tired and needing to have a breakthrough in an area of my life. I also wanted to learn about more about myself and what others see in me. I wanted to know, what is my life going to look like, the next week, the next month and to tell me what I don’t already know. Plus it's so much fun. The readings have given me the clarity I was looking for in my career, my love life, my finances and what the future held. By having the clarity I was looking for, it illuminated the areas that were in my blind spots so I could move from being stuck to moving forward in my life. Every time I get a reading it is so inspiring and enlightening!

    Jennifer Jones-Landry Writer/Artist
  • I enjoyed getting readings so much, one day Laura suggested that I learn how to do Face Readings on myself. I didn’t know I could do it. When I did do it, I was amazed at how well I could do it! Laura brought out a natural gift that I already had and didn’t know I had. Learning how to do Face Readings gave me a way to communicate with my unconscious. It opens me up to my own intuition and gives me access to power. Once I did it on myself and gained confidence to do the readings, I wanted to share my gift by reading other people. It was so cool to see that I was spot on and that other people were so blown away. Going through the training brings out your gifts and shows you how to amplify your psychic ability, which gives you a different understanding of human nature, a collective level of experience and of your life.

    Jennifer Jones-Landry Writer/Artist

160 minute – Shamanic Healing Session

Open the hidden portals within you that will allow you to sail on a shamanic journey into your heart to create a huge clearing in your life. You’ll reconnect with the parts of yourself that need healing, nurturing and to be called back to experience wholeness. 
Gain wisdom along the way from your spirit guides to give you the pertinent information that is needed for you at this time to gain a higher level of consciousness.
This session helps you get your power back, gain clarity, experience a sense of wholeness like never before. Ultimately it gives you access to total freedom.
  • Originally, I did Soul Retrieval Sessions to help me to call in my soul mate. I think in order for me to find true love with an other human being who is also emotionally healthy, I had to do soul retrieval, so I could heal those broken parts of myself, so I could find someone who was a match. I knew there was something that I couldn’t put my finger on that was keeping me from having the life I really wanted. I had already tried all of the self help books and therapy and that did not resolve that sense of emptiness or lack I felt inside. Doing Soul Retrieval work helped me to realize that there were some childhood issues that needed to be resolved in order for me to feel complete. To me, this work is inner child work. Today, I feel complete with my family and am able to be a much better mother to my sons because now I am not passing down all of that stuff from my past onto them. This work helped me create a clearing for my husband to show up, who was inspired to do his own spiritual journey that lead him to do his own soul retrieval work himself. I recommend doing this work because It helps you live an authentic life and you are more present. It gives you have a sense of inner peace, calm and wholeness. Now that my energy is clear, I notice that people pick up that there is someone different about me and I draw a lot of people into my life because I am open. I think that is why I now I am being lead now to doing healing work for others and to set healthy boundaries, like any therapist would do, while helping them at the same time.

    Jennifer Jones-Landry Writer/Artist

60-minute Beauty From the Inside Out Integrated Sessions

To experience something extraordinary, you have to go through out the box experiences, 100% tailored around you to create something new in your life.
In this session, I use a multitude of advanced Spiritual Healing techniques and Purposeful Beauty techniques to help you have a breakthough in your life and express the power of who you are in the world. This session, helps you unleash the power of your soul’s expression.
When you are freed up from any barriers and gain a strong sense of who you really are and what you are capable of, you become a powerhouse for change in the world. This transformational session gives you access to possbility, inpsires your gifts to come out, and helps you see the steps to move ahead towards a grewater future that lights you up.
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