Have you ever been at a point where you wanted something new in your life, but you have no idea what you need or where to find it?

My story behind Rapid Eye Technology

I’d gotten to a point in my life 20 years ago where everything in my life on the surface looked great. I was in Hollywood living the dream working with different celebrities every day, but something was missing. I was elevated at work from the excitement and creativity, but as soon as I got home I felt depressed. I got to a point where I couldn’t take it anymore, something had to change and I just couldn’t shake the feeling. So I said a prayer to the universe – please send me someone who can help get rid of all of the pent up emotions so I feel great quickly. I don’t want to spend a ton of time dwelling in the drama anymore.

The next day I looked at the paper and saw an ad that seemed like it was glowing on the page. It said Aromatherapy Movement class. I thought wow that looks interesting, I have to find out more about it. I got on the phone with a woman named Joan and I started getting really inspired. I started coming up with all kinds of ideas for her to create a yoga series on video. She said create a storyboard and lets meet. So I did. But when I met her I soon realized I wasn’t there to do a class or even shoot a video for her. She saw that I needed help in another way. She recommended that I contact a lady named Marilyn Theilking who was a Rapid Eye Technician and told me about it. I still had no idea what she was talking about, but something told me just do it. If you want something different you need to think outside of the box and trust your intuition. So the next day I picked up the phone and called Marilyn and set up an appointment.

The universe was listening and my RET session was the answer to my prayer being answered.

The first session was mind-blowing. We did a session where she took me on a meditation that was like a timeline to meet my inner child, get the emotions out and then reframe how I felt. She waved an Eye Directing Device in front of my eyes and had me blink in front of it and she had some techniques that said that it would reprogram my brain to think differently. After the session I walked out feeling like everything around me was alive, it was crisper clearer and brighter. I felt clear and a heightened sense of aliveness that was like feeling it for the first time. The session was so powerful that I continued and it lead to having the breakthrough that I was really looking for. My mom started doing the sessions as well and at a particular point she wrote a book about her life story. She flew out to LA to read it to me and that was when my mom told me that the reason my dad was not in my life was because he was not my real father. This set my mom free because she was keeping it a secret for years. It was life changing for me to know the truth and left me with a lot of unanswered questions. Looking at it now the experience was a gift because it became a catalyst to set me onto a spiritual path to discovering who I really was and what my deeper purpose was which lead me to get grounded on a deeper level in my ancestory.

Fast forward 20 years later I can now see the rippling effects of the work I did that impacted me on a cellular level. The work I did with Marilyn didn’t just effect me, if effected my whole family. Because of the powerful impact it had, I decided to become a RET technician because I found it was the quickest and easiest way to break habits and patterns and to relieve stress and trauma and get it out of the body and truly let it go. As a part of my souls purpose my drive to share this modality was strong so I got certified in it to help others.

If you want something new I learned you have to be willing to try something different and totally out of the box. You can feel it if its right for you because their will be a calling towards it and when that happens all of the details don’t really matter, you are just drawn to the energy of this work. Like me you probably want to be able to get past the challenges that are causing you stress quickly so you can move on with having a great life. What I found is that talk therapy like psychology amplifies what you are facing because what you focus on expands and you draw it to you. You can skip that step and release the patterns and habits in a much simpler way that kept the pattern from happening over and over again.


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