What happens when you get a group of powerful women to join together, clear energy and set intentions for big things to happen in our business and our lives? It’s pure magic.


We gather together in this sacred tribe of women, from all over the world online to remind each other of how powerful we truly are and to see each other larger than life so that we can each fulfill a bigger purpose, while supporting each other. In this group we listen with an open heart and mind, and with intention, knowing that everything that we think and say manifests instantly in sacred space and that we are all in it together. We are connected, no matter what it looks like on the surface. This group exists to harness energy, to gather it, build it and then take everything we have been inspired out into the world to create a potent force for good and impacting millions of lives in the process.

To participate in this group, you’ll hear a calling so strong that your heart will let you know, when it’s time to wake up, to remember who you are and what you really came here to do.  It’s so much more fun doing this work together and having others to share your stories with and to have group support along the way. So if you are wanting a medicine group that opens the heart and nurtures your soul, you’ve come to the right place.



Each month you’ll experience Moonlight inspirations. You’ll set goals based on Astrology on the New Moon (the day of new beginnings) and be given a 40 day ritual to do to create a huge snowball effect.

By the Full Moon, you’ll manifest your dreams and let go of the old to make space for the new. I will guide on a journey to honor and to bring out the Goddess from within.

You’ll come back on the next New Moon and tell us the stories how everything opened up for you and what happened and the cycle starts again! I promise you that you’ll be blown away at all of the synchronicities.

In addition, this group will also have opportunities that you won’t get anywhere else. There are different healing and inspirational programs that are exclusive to members only, if you choose to get involved even deeper into the studies we offer. These courses will fuel your spirit and unlock gifts and talents you may not even know that you had until it was time to bring them out and use them.


To make the experience sacred, I have designed a special line of perfume grade essential oils used for healing and opening the heart. Each of them are specifically used for the monthly journeys to heighten associated senses and corresponding themes. They represent the spirit of the journey and open your heart up on each and every level. Since scent triggers memories and emotions, the signature fragrance used for the month, is a healing mixture, that will remind you of the experience that you had in the group and openings you have had – it’s like carrying the energy of the group with you so even if we are not together, you will still feel a connection. All essential oils are sold separately.



The Crow Medicine Womens Group happens all online.


Once you join as a member, I will send you the schedule in advance. For the New Moons you will get a video that guides you through it with a  worksheet, which can give you the time to complete it before heading over to the Facebook live session which is where we gather and share what showed up last month and what you are creating, so the whole group can hold the space for you. The full moon we do online together  happens on  the closet Saturday to the Full Moon.

  • I joined the Crow Medicine Womens Group because I wanted to connect more deeply on a spiritual level with nature and to experience a deep and profound understanding of how the animals And the environment connect with our lives. Now that I have been a part of this group for over 15 years, I am so much more aware of what is going on around me and the symbolism of it. I feel more connected to nature and have a better understanding of what I am attracting in nature and what it means. I also have been given the gift of learning energy at a whole different level. I love how experiential this group is. It’s unforgettable. When I am in this group and doing the spiritual work, my soul sings. It’s like the best of me is available and then I get a chance to she all of that goodness with everyone.

    Cathy Simons Reiki Master/Meditation Teacher
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