To scale up or shift into a new direction, our two part series Create Your Own Hollywood Success Story and Live Out your Hollywood Success Story work hand in hand to create your epic year! Get the guidance and tools you need to bring a big dream to life.

To begin your epic year, you’ll define your journey with the big dream you want to accomplish that leads to a big impact in the world with a higher purpose.

This epic 2 hour session sets the stage for your Hollywood Success Story and reveals what you will experience one year in advance.

What’s unique about this journey is that along the way you will be using the set of 7 chakra oil blends, each of which are perfume grade oils custom made specifically for your healing and transformational journey. Different blends will be held under your nose each month and used as an amplifiers, as I guide you through the session. The blends makes it so much easier for you to tune into your intuition and let your heart lead the way.

Smell a scent once and it smells great, smell it again and it reminds you of something, smell it again and it takes you on a journey to the heart – which is what we will do.

As we shift from one month to the next, I’ll guide you through the naturally occurring Astrological cycles to get you tuned into the patterns that impact the personal growth and your ability to manifest. This is a co-created experience, where you raise your consciousness as you create your future rather than being at the effect of circumstances.

After your initial Hollywood Success Story Session, you’ve created a roadmap of scenerios to live out to build from. This program uses that story to take a deep dive into what is missing that makes all of the difference into accessing what you want.

For the next year, you’ll have two one hour sessions a month in the program giving you time to have your session, get inspired and implement based on the inspirations that come out of your session.

One session a month you’ll be focused on bringing new energy in, while the other you’ll let go of the old to make space for the new. Along the way, you’ll continue to use the blends of the month that you purchased when you created your Hollywood Success Story.

What’s exciting about this spiritual journey is how diverse it is. Each month you will experience a variety of different healing modalities to clear away the barriers to help you create breakthroughs in your life, so new possibilities can show up that are aligned with your higher purpose.

This is a life enriching, in depth spiritual journey of self discovery to help you become crystal clear around actions that lead to your goal. Expect magical moments and synchronistic events that opens you up in unexpected ways.

Along the way, your most treasured grounding tool will be journaling. You’ll be writing down everything that shows up and in the end it tells the tale of how you transformed your life. This is access to your success formula that you only see at the end of the journey – when you are not wrapped up in the story of what is going on. By the end, your transformational story is meant to be shared and is the gift you give to the world. Whether you use it to inspire others through interviews or speeches, or you choose to write a book or a movie – your story is important. You never know who you will impact based on what you have been through. True power is not in the drama, it’s what’s on the other side of it that is where possibility lives and that is the gift that is meant to be shared.


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