If you are ready to go on a big spiritual adventure that will fuel your soul while you are on a mission to create something powerful in the world. I can help.

On this journey, you’ll become  more in tune with the cycles, how they show up in your life, and how to use them to manifest anything that you want – warp speed.

Come with a big dream in mind that you want to make happen over the course of a year, and I will help to guide you, clear your energy and support you along the way, so that something opens up that’s groundbreaking. Let’s go!

Create Your Own Hollywood Success Story

Are you hearing the calling that it is time for you to fulfill a bigger purpose and to go on a spiritual journey with a coach? This session will nurture and ignite your spirit, while setting the stage for a bigger purpose. You’ll create a story that’ll be set into motion to naturally unfold in sync with the cycles of Astrology to help you manifest easily for one year. This two hour session, comes with a custom made essential oil and tea made specifically for your journey.

Live Out Your Own Hollywood Success Story

(12 Month Coaching Sessions)

After your initial Hollywood Success Story Session, a year of sessions are set up once a month to highlight a monthly scenario based on your Hollywood success story. Each month,  you’ll use essential oils and teas based on Astrology and the Chakras that are made for your journey to heighten your senses and amplify your energy. As you get coaching along the way, I will use energy clearing techniques that will keep you on track, help to remove blocks and support you in being aligned to your bigger purpose. This is a life enriching, in depth spiritual journey that is filled with magical moments and synchronistic events that leads to a dream that’s fulfilled in unexpected ways.

Carmen Elizabeth Rivero, Student – Bioelectrical Engineer

“I did Create My Own Hollywood Success Story because I was ready to create a spiritual structure in my life to support my transformation. What I got out of it was a tangible plan and experienced a total shift of energy. The benefits you’ll get is insight and clarity on your goals and how you will reach them, spiritual connectedness and know that you have a structure every month that is filled with ancient knowledge and insights into how to bring it all into todays world within everyday practices.”

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