Go on a spiritual adventure that’ll awaken you to your soul’s purpose, transform your persona and gain the tools to manifest a big dream.

In this program you’ll invent a Hollywood Success story as you get inspired by naturally occurring manifestation cycles.

By the time that you finish the journey you won’t even recognize yourself, because this spiritual journey transforms your persona and your life from the inside out. You’ll learn, live out your story and come back to tell a tale of your mindblowing successes.

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Our signature perfume grade, color botanical formulas bring a dimensional experience to the journey and are our secret sauce. They tap you into your spiritual essence and bring out the beauty that is inside.

How this program will help you:

  • Learn how to use Astrology as a inspirational tool to build a framework for your goals within a Hollywood Success story.
  • Go through shamanic journey healing meditations to clear your pathway to greatness, open your heart and help you to access inner wisdom, guidance and possiblities
  • Transform your persona with a look representatitve of the change that you have gone through and stepping into the power of who you truly are.
  • Learn daily and nighttime rituals that will create a clear mindset and help you manifest your big dream.
  • Have huge breakthroughs in life challenges by bringing awareness to archeytpes we play out and how that helps you in your character development.
  • Learn the sequencing of the when the best time of the year is to launch your ideas to have a long lasting impact.

What our happy customers have to say:

Carmen Elizabeth Rivero, Student – Bioelectrical Engineer

“I did Create My Own Hollywood Success Story because I was ready to create a spiritual structure in my life to support my transformation. What I got out of it was a tangible plan and experienced a total shift of energy. The benefits you’ll get is insight and clarity on your goals and how you will reach them, spiritual connectedness and know that you have a structure every month that is filled with ancient knowledge and insights into how to bring it all into todays world within everyday practices.”

We take a limited number of people each year for this powerful program. If you sign up today, you’ll get a 10 percent off for signing up. This offer is not going to last forever, it ends soon, so sign up before you miss your window.

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