Are You Ready for Your Closeup?


Zoom Hollywood Style



Lights Camera Action!


Are you a speaker, coach or entrpreneur who wants to make a powerful impact and be remembered on your zoom interviews, webinars and lives?

Join us in our 4-week transformational workshop, ZOOM Hollywood Style!


We’ll be teaching you the skills celebrities have used to look and sound more professional on camera.


Within 60 seconds, your audience will have decided if they will buy from you or not. Your look and messaging is key to your credibility and attracting your ideal clients.


Mary Beth Ramsey, Hollywood Wardrobe Stylist, and Laura Schakosky, Hollywood Hair and Makeup Artist, who have 55 years combined experience, will teach you how to make an impact that is truly memorable on all your webinars, lives and zoom appearances.





That’s a $5800 Value

just $97 for enrolling 

today during our 

Red Carpet Launch!

Course begins on Aug 22, 2020

Dates of the Course

Aug 22, Aug 29, Sept 5 and Sept 12 at 1:00 EST/12:00 CST

All Courses will be recorded and available for replay.



Your Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe are the Building Blocks to Creating a Powerful Brand.


Your Messaging Helps You Make a Strong Impact, Attract and Sustain Clients.


Expressing Yourself Authentically Magnetizes Opportunities.


We use a 256-bit encryption protocol to protect all of your personal and billing data.

  • When I worked with Laura I got a tangible plan and experienced a total shift of energy. I got alot of insights and clarity on my goals and how to reach them.

    Carmen Elizabeth Rivero
    Carmen Elizabeth Rivero
  • Laura brought out a natural gift that I already had and didn’t know I had. I am now in touch with my intuition and it’s given me access to power. I feel more confident now and want to share my gifts with others. Going through the training brings out your gifts.

    Jennifer Jones-Landry
    Jennifer Jones-Landry

This Program Is Perfect For You If:

  • You’re on a path of self discovery and ready to express your full creative potential.
  • You’re ready to leave your mark in the world.
  • Being on camera is a primary focus for all of your webinars, lives and video marketing.
  • You need help in knowing what styles look good on camera.
  • You want to look young and look amazing on camera.
  • You have no idea what to say when the camera turns on.
  • You would wear makeup if you only knew how to put it on.
  • You want to have a happy medium between natural hairstyles and helmet head.

This Program Is NOT A Fit For You If:

  • You have everything handled and you are not open to change.
  • You don’t want to make a difference in peoples lives.
  • You don’t need to be on camera for your business.
  • You are more interested in wearing what you have instead of looking like a pro.
  • You are not interested in learning how to take off the 10 lbs. that the camera will put on you.
  • You don’t care if you have dark circles under your eyes or wear makeup that makes you look older than you really are.
  • You have stagefright so you have chosen to not be on Zoom.
  • Your hairstyle, makeup and clothing styles have been working for you for years, why change now? All Rights Reserved Copyright 2020

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